The Ancients Walk Among Us

Every day, all around us, we encounter words that connect us to the ancient Roman Empire. Companies, their products, beauty salons, sports clubs, etc. have the names of Roman gods and goddesses,  places, significant people and names inspired by myths.

There are lots of examples in the world, even planets in our Solar System were named after Roman gods.

(We can also see numerous names inspired by ancient Greece. )

VULKAN (Vulcan) – god of fire, deserts, metalworking and the forge.
NEPTUN (Neptune) – god of freshwater and the sea (restaurants with sea food, hotels, diving clubs).
DIANA – patroness of the countryside, hunters,…
VENERA  (Venus) – goddess of love and beauty.
MERKUR (Mercury) – god of financial gain, commerce, …
BAKUS (Bacchus)  – god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine,festivity,…
AURORA – goddess of dawn, renews herself every morning.
GALIJA  (galley) – common name for restaurants near water or on ships.
COLONIA  AURELIA CIBALAE – Vinkovci (shops, cafes)

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