The 4th mobility in Lüneburg, Germany

A report by German students

28th of November – 3rd of December 2022

On Monday morning, an opening ceremony was held at the school. All the students and
teachers from the different countries introduced themselves. Goodie bags were then
distributed. After this ceremony there was a school tour. The students from Germany showed
the school. There were several groups. The German language was presented in a group and
the students presented a dialogue in German. In the other group there was a quiz about latin
and the history of Lüneburg. After these presentations, we were able to eat free in the school
canteen. After we ate, we took the bus to the city. In the city we had a tour. A city guide told
us something about the history of Lüneburg and showed us important and beautiful sights.
After that we had an appointment with the mayor. She welcomed us and then she showed us
the town hall and also talked about the history. After this visit we could spend time with our
host family.
On Tuesday, all the students, Alinghi with all the teachers, gathered in the school kitchen.
Traditional cookie recipes were brought from each country. The ingredients had been
prepared beforehand and were brought in on Tuesday morning, so everything needed for the
different cookie recipes was available. In addition, students worked together in international
teams to create Christmas decorations. Christmas songs from each country were played in the
background using a music box. Everyone had a lot of fun together. So many cookies were
baked the each student could take home a bag full of delicious international cookies.
Furthermore, an e-book containing all the recipes in English was create by the students.
On Wednesday we did the gallery-walk. The gallery-walk contained several Latin words used
as brands or in advertisement like for example Nivea or Venus. Therefore all students and
teachers met in one room. We compared words in the different languages and found out that
some of them have the same roots and are used in all of the participating countries. After that
we split up in different groups and visited the workshop that every country had prepared. The
Spain group had planned a fun competition between the countries. At the Portuguese
workshop we had to invent and present a product with a Latin name. We got to know the
Ancient Greek letters with the Greek team. The Italian team showed us legends and we had to
guess its content. At the German workshop we learned about the roots of the six languages.
All in all we got to learn a lot about the different languages. It was a nice experience and had
a lot of fun.
On Thursday, December 1st, 2022 we met together in the assembly hall and from there we
walked to the museum. When we arrived at the museum, we all gathered in one room, where
Mr. Göwicke told us something about the Romans and the connection to Lüneburg. It was
very interesting because we learned many new facts. The teachers then divided us into groups.
One group went through the museum with an audio guide and a questionnaire, while the other
group was guided through the museum by a museum guide. The audio guides were like little
tablets, they have videos of the exhibits you are looking at. But the questions could also be
answered without the audio guide. During the tour through the museum, you learned a lot
about Lüneburg, but also about the whole world. For example, there was a very old map of
the world or old globes. When we finished the tour, we waited a little longer. During this time
we talked among the different countries and exchanged ideas about the tour. When both
groups were done, we switched tours. The guide told us about the history of Lüneburg and
especially about the salt. We were also allowed to design our own fictional person who came
from a certain social class. After the museum we had had 2 hours of free time. Where most of
us went to eat. Then we met everyone in the ice rink and went iceskating. That was a lot of
fun for everyone.
On Friday, an excursion to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg was on the agenda. All guest
students, guest teachers and the German students took part in the trip. At 8:30 a.m., they set
off from Lüneburg in the direction of Hamburg and arrived at their destination at around 9:30
a.m.. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., mixed groups of German and host students as well as the
teachers from abroad explored Hamburg in the form of a digital rally. After a week together,
the main focus was on a final group reunion and the networking of students from all
participating countries. The (small) idea of competition was also intended to encourage the
young people to work together. After the rally, all teachers had lunch together at the
Hofbräuhaus Hamburg. The students in turn were given some free time to explore Hamburg
more extensively on their own (again in international groups). At around 16:00 they met up
for the return journey to Lüneburg, which Mann reached at around 17:15. Once there, the
guest students and the German young people said goodbye to their host families for one last
evening together – also to celebrate goodbyes, because the next morning/day it was time for
the students from abroad to say goodbye.

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