The 3rd mobility in Granada, Spain

A report by German students

1st – 8th of October 2022
students: Nina Nagel, Sontje Lürßen, Leni Buchroth, Mayra Zils, Konrad Endler, Jim Rahming
teacher: Elisabeth Schidda und Jana Fritzsch


On Saturday morning we met at the airport in Hamburg. All six of us students were right at time but of course the teachers were late. When they arrived, we went to the check-in and then through the security check. After that we waited for our flight. We flew about two and a half hours to Barcelona. There we had one and half hours until our connection flight left. We arrived at the airport in Granada at around 9pm in the evening and we took the bus to the hotel we were staying in the first night. After we arrived to the hotel, we went to a bar and had dinner together with the Portuguese group.


On Sunday we woke up to nice weather with a lot of sunshine. We went to a café next to the cathedral in the city center and ate breakfast there. After that, we met with one of the Spanish teachers, the Portuguese teachers and one of their students. Their other students already were with their host families. Then we walked around the town and visited a mosque on top of a hill. From the Mirador de San Nicolás we had a really nice view of the Alhambra but it was quite crowded. We walked down the hill again and went to a restaurant for lunch. Then we visited a church and some more things before we returned to the hotel. We grabbed our bags and then we met our host families outside. In the evening each of us did something with our hosts.


The opening ceremony took place in the morning, each country introduced itself and the goodie bags were handed over. There was also a school performance of flamenco dance by Spanish girls. After that we had a visit to the Mayor of Granada in the City Hall. Here we were told something about the history of Granada and shown the town hall. After a short break, the students showed us around the school and we were taught the basics of the Spanish language. After lunch in the school canteen, everyone had free time.


In the morning we met at the school at 8:30 am and took the bus to Almedinilla. When we arrived we visited a museum where a old Roman village could be seen. Finds were also exhibited there. Under the arcade of the bullring, from which one could see Almedinilla from above, we tried typical Roman food and grape juice/wine. After that we went back and had free time. But most of us met together and went to the Science museum called Parque de las Ciencias together, where we could learn a lot through interactivity and it was very interesting. After this visit it was very late and everyone went home with their guest families.


On October 5th 2022, we met at school, like every morning. Around 9:15 a.m. we went to the Museum CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía together; a place where the Andalusian people can discover their history and identity. Here we learned a lot of new things and we also had a workshop. Then we went back to school and were discharged there at 2 p.m. After that, we went to the city or home for lunch with our guest students. Afterwards, a few were still buying souvenirs in the city or the guest students showed us the best ice cream parlours. Around 5:15 p.m. we met again and a guide showed us the Alhambra, which was very beautiful and impressive! The Alhambra is the old royal palace and gardens of the Moors who reigned the empire of Al-Andaluz from Granada between 711 and 1492. After that, we had free time around 8 p.m. and most of us drove back home with our guest student.


On Thursday we met at the school in the morning and then took the bus to Puente Genil. It was a wonderful trip to an excavation site of a Roman villa where we got a guided tour. The bus ride was about two hours and went through some beautiful mountains with tons of olive trees. You could see outlines of old houses, which rooms used to be where and some paintings. There were also very exciting information about the buildings and their background. Afterwards, we walked in the heat to a restaurant where we all together had lunch. However, it was also very exhausting and some of us slept on the bus ride back. Then we went back into our host families and had free time.


The last full day. At 09:15 am we met at school, like the days before. A lot of people were exited because we had to present the architecture from our countries. All of the presentations were very interesting and included a lot of information. After the presentations we built some important and historical buildings from clay in a workshop. The last station in school was a competition between the different countries and we fought  with shield and lance (of course there weren`t real). The winner was the Spanish team. From 3 pm to 8 pm we had freetime and then we all met a last time in a restaurant in Granada to eat together. The food was very delicous and in the end nobody wanted to go… So the night ended with lots of hugs andsome tears  =)


The day of departure arrived. In the morning we all had to get up early in order not to miss the flight. All were first driven by their host families to the Hotel Carlos, the meeting point to say goodbye. Saying goodbye was probably the most difficult part of the day and only after a lot of time we just managed to catch the bus that took us to the airport. However, there were some complications at the airport, which is why our plane, which flew from Granada to Barcelona, took off later. Because of the late landing in Barcelona, we unfortunately didn’t have enough time to choose a place to eat in the big airport, but had to stop quickly for a snack at the next food stand. The flight to Hamburg Airport went smoothly so that we were able to land on time. Arrived in Germany, it was already early evening and we just quickly got our suitcases from the baggage carousel, said goodbye to each other and then we drove home.

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