Osnovna skola Bartola Kasica

Osnovna škola Bartola Kašića is a primary school in Vinkovci, a town in the east of Croatia, which suffered great destruction during the Croatian war for independence 28 years ago and it has not recovered yet. Vinkovci is in the east of Croatia, a region that is poorly connected with other parts of the country. There are 350 pupils aged 7-15 and 30 teachers in the school. Pupils live with their parents, who are mostly disabled war veterans or unemployed. Teachers try to give the best education possible in our conditions. Pupils take part in competitions in different subjects and in sports competitions. Our teachers do their best to motivate pupils to learn. For years school has been implementing various local, national and international projects. We took part in World Environment Day Contests and were winners in 2012 and 2013.

Website: www.os-bkasica-vk.skole.hr

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