Osnovna škola Bartola Kašića Vinkovci

Our school is one of 7 primary schools in Vinkovci. It has 300 pupils and 30 teachers. Pupils go to primary school 8 years. Children start school at the age of 6 and a half. They have 4 teachers: foreign language, religion, IT, all other subjects. From the 5th grade pupils have different teachers for each subject. They learn two foreign languages, usually English and German. In grade 7 pupils start learning Chemistry, Biology and Physics. School year starts in September and ends in June.

Our school does not have a canteen, a chemistry lab, technical education workshops (workshops for woodwork, metalwork, etc). We do not have enough classrooms, so we have to do morning and afternoon shift. In spite of poor facilities, we manage to do lots of activities and are successful in doing them. Pupils compete in all school subjects at school, county and even national level. We are very good at sports and robotics. Pupils have a school cooperative Perunika. Every year we present our school at international Health Fair in Vinkovci.

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