Italian mobility

Our Erasmus experience by  Riccardo Donà (Italy) Ana Isabel Ferreira Fontes (Portugal) Francesco Caden (Italy) Tina Roandic (Croatia)

Students from Greece, Portugal, Spain and Croatia have arrived at ITT Marconi in Rovereto to participate in an Erasmus+ Project. The project is called “How Roman are you?” and it is about Roman citizenship and European citizenship as well as about the history, culture and traditions of the Romans that connect us all. On November 29th, the headmaster Giuseppe Rizza, the project coordinator Rosanna Milano and the Italian students of the class 2H welcomed the project partners. The hosts were cheerful and we had a lot of fun. We introduced ourselves and started the activities. (Photo 1.) In the Gym we played Roman games: dice game and circle game. We had lunch together and talked to each other. After that, we visited the old part of Rovereto on foot. We learned about the history of Italian Coffee and tasted that delicious drink.

“The games were entertaining, but I liked the introduction more, when we drew pictures that indicated our personality and we got to know our Erasmus partners”- Nicole Paschoudi (Greece)

“On the first day I was so anxious but when I started to talk with other kids the anxiety was gone and I was so happy. What impressed me most is the school because it is like the private schools in my country”- 

Savvas Mentekidis (Greece)

On the second day we travelled to the city of Verona. We went to the Archeological museum and walked around the town centre. During the walk we saw the Arena and the famous balcony of Juliet. We took pictures together.

We walked a lot but it was beautiful my favourite part was the Arena”- Marta Alvarez Moreno (Spain)

On the third day  we had a trip to Trento. We went to Buonconsiglio Castle and saw many Roman findings. After lunch we visited the MUSE, a science museum, where we learned about the beginning of life and life in the Alps. In the museum there were a lot of interactive and fun games. With laughter we finished the day.

On the fourth day we created a presentation about our past days spent with students from other countries for the school website. After having lunch we went to Trento to see the Roman Tridentum -S.A.S.S.- We saw a video about the old Roman town and then we had some free time 

“This day was very funny, we did a lot of things” – Marta Alvarez Moreno (Spain)

“I’m very happy to have spent a time with our foreign peers, and also I was very interested in knowing how was Trento a long time ago” – Serhii Kushnir (Italy)

We had a lot of fun, we met a lot of new people and learned new things. We visited lots of interesting destinations, but Verona and MUSE were most fun for us. It was a great experience and we should do this again.

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