Freetime activities

Pupils in grades 7 and 8 have 14 different school subjects and more than 30 lessons per week.
Every day they have to do homework and they do not have much free time left. At school they are offered different extracurricular acitivites to choose from according to their preferences.
School orchestra  – they can learn to play several instruments, including some unusual ones,
like the psaltery. The school has numerous sports teams, pupils can train table tennis, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, handball, volleyball, football (we have a girls’ team, too). Pupils develop their creativity in school cooperative “Perunika”. Robotics has been very popular for several years.
Pupils take part in lots of organised activities outside the school. In every class, 2-3 pupils go to music school, 2-3 pupils go to a foreign language school and 2 pupils go to a folklore club (pupils learn traditional folk songs and dances, travel to other cities and countries to represent Vinkovci and Croatia at different events.
Vinkovci has numerous sports clubs, but the most popular sport at the moment is football. At least 4 boys from every class train football, most of them are members of the local football club “Dilj”.
Our survey showed that pupils also like watching TV, writing (mostly poems and short stories), drawing, model building, playing video games (SCGO – Counter Strike – Global Offensive, Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc.), communicating via social networks (Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).
As our 2 cinemas were destroyed during the war (1991-1995), pupils go to the cinema to Vukovar (20 km away) or to Osijek (40 km away).
Young people have the opportunity to exercise in the skate park and on playgrounds that are accessible to everyone, there are also street workout devices.
Pupils go for bike rides along the Bosut River with their friends. Skateboarding and rollerskating are popular activities, too.

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